Syria and Jordan I

DAY 1 SPAIN – DAMASCUS Meeting in the airport at the designated time to leave on flight regular for Damascus. Arrival, assistance, transfer to the chosen hotel. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 2 DAMASCUS – PALMYRA Breakfast in the hotel and tour of the capital of Syria, worthily adorned by its different sovereign rulers and governors. We will visit the Umayyad Mosque, with its gold mosaics, Azm Palace, marvel of Damascene architecture, also we will contemplate its richly decorated churches, that invoke the miracles and the acts of the saints, its inns, its turkish baths, its Souqs…etc. Lunch. Continuation to Palmyra. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 3 PALMYRA Breakfast in the hotel and tour of the capital of Queen Zenobia, situated in the middle of the desert, in one of the most extraordinary places in the Middle East. We will visit the city, contemplating the Temple of Baal Shamine, the Palmyra Museum, The Triumphal Arch and the Agora. Lunch. In the afternoon, we can take an optional trip to admire the sunset from a hill. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 4 PALMYRA – BOSRA – JERASH – AMMAN Breakfast and departure for the south of the country to visit Bosra and its Roman ruins, from amongst which stands out the best preserved Roman theater in the world. Continuation to Jordan. Assistance at the border. Continuation to Jerash, visiting this Greco-Roman city known as the Pompeii of the East, one of the best conserved Roman cities in the world, and pointing out the Triumphal Arch, the Hippodrome, the Temple of Artemis, the Forum and the Theater. Lunch in the Green Valley Rest Restaurant. Continuation to Amman by Syrian coach. Arrival, transfer to the chosen hotel, Dinner and lodging.

DAY 5 AMMAN – MADABA – NEBO – DEAD SEA – PETRA Breakfast and panoramic tour of Amman, ancient city and at the same time modern capital of Jordan, where we will visit the Citadel, the Temple of Hercules, the Roman Theater and the Archaeological Museum. Departure for Madaba, the famous “City of mosaics” where we find the famous Byzantine mosaic from the 6th century that depicts the map of Ancient Basd on the biblical writings. Continuation to the Mount Nebo, the place most venerated place in Jordan where they have a monument in memory of Moses, who, according to tradition, die and was buried here after catching sight of the Promised Land. Continuation to the Dead Sea, to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the lowest point on earth (400 meters below the level of the sea).Lunch. Continuation to Petra. Arrival, transfer to the chosen hotel, Dinner and lodging.

DAY 6 PETRA Breakfast and departure to visit the city built by the Nabataeans, bedoin nomads who 200 years ago created the fortified city, taking advantage of the caves and fissures in the pink-colored rock. Hence the city was unknown to westerners for centuries. Tour of the “Treasury” temple. Carved in the rock and more than 40 meters tall and 30 meters long, it is one of the most sumptuous remains from antiguity. Lunch. Free time. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 7 PETRA – DAMASCUS Breakfast and departure on a Jordanian bus to Damascus. Lunch. Arrival and transfer to the chosen hotel. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 8 DAMASCUS – MADRID Breakfast and transfer to the airport to embark on a scheduled flight to Madrid. Arrival, baggage collection and END OF TRIP