Pilgrimage to Medjugorje

DAY 1 MADRID – DUBROVNIK – MEDJUGORJE Meeting in Madrid-Barajas Airport Barajas, to take the flight to Dubrovnik. Arrival to the airport of Dubrovnika and tranfer to Medjugorje via Mostar. Lunch in a local restaurant Continuation to Medjugorje after lunch. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 2 and 3 MEDJUGORJE Breakfast. These two days we will have various religious activities. We will ascend the Mount of the Apparitions. There we will meditate and pray the thre parts of the Rosary in the designated place, next to some bronze plaques that represent each Mystery. On the climb, at the height of the Second Joyful Mystery, is found the Cross of Forgiveness where we can pray the Lord’s Prayer and ask for forgiveness from Jesus and all those whom we have offended, as well as also forgiving those who have offended us. After finishing the Fifth Joyful Mystery, to the right there is a road that leads to the Image of the Virgin, but if we continue up the Mount, walking around behind the Virgin, praying the Sorrowful Mysteries, upon finishing the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, to the right another road can be seen that also leads to the image of the Virgin. On the descent the other 5 Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed and one arrives to a place with some “blue crosses”, where there are always people praying and you can pray the litanies. Lunch in a restaurant. Continuation with religious activities. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and lodging.

DAY 4 MEDJUGORJE – DUBROVNIK – MADRID Breakfast. Morning departure for Dubrovnik for the panoramic tour of the famous “Pearl of the Adriatic.” The Old City, also declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by 1940 meters of Gothic and Renaissance walls, guards in its interior numerous churches and Renaissance palaces constructed in the 16th century. Minceta, the largest tower in the mainland area of the wall of Dubrovnik and the best preserved in Europe, is a masterpiece of the Renaissance that served as a defense for the citizens.. We will visit the Dominican and Franciscan monasteries. Lunch in a local restaurant in Dubrovnik, in the historic center. After lunch, free time until the designated transfer time to the Airport of Dubrovnik to take the flight at 6:00 P.M. to Madrid. Arrival and END OF TRIP